Strength Training Tracker Spreadsheet

Strength Training Tracker Spreadsheet


This is a truly unique spreadsheet tracker that transforms Excel into your favorite fitness app. Log workouts, view exercise performance charts, customize settings and more.

Beautiful charts and graphs, coupled with intuitive design, makes this spreadsheet a joy to use every time.

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Key Features

Log Your Workouts

Enter the weight and repetitions per set/exercise and submit a workout with a click of a button.

Track Your Workouts

Track personal bests, calculate total volume, 1 rep max, workout duration and more.

Progress Over Time

Select each exercise individually and see how performance has changed over time.

Track Muscles Worked

See which muscles you’ve worked this week so you can create more complete workouts.

View Workout Streaks

See personalized workout streaks based on your own criteria.

Customized Settings

Change between kg and lbs for weight tracking and set your own workout goals.

How It Works

Step 1 – Download Your Excel File

After checkout you’ll receive an email with a link to download your Strength Training Tracker.

Step 2 – Watch 60 Second Demo

We’ve created a quick 60 second video demo to help you get the most out of the spreadsheet so there’s no guess-work involved. We show you how to start tracking workouts and tips on customizing it to suit your preferences.

Step 3 – Save File on Your Computer

Save your the Excel file on your computer so you can access it conveniently whenever you need to.

Step 4 – Start Tracking Workouts

Log your first workout and start to see the charts and graphs automatically update. Over time, see how your performance changes.

(You also get free lifetime access to any new updates to the Strength Training Tracker Spreadsheet).


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